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Combine Facebook parties and Basket parties to maximize the fun!

The concept of a Facebook Event is the same as a home-based party but with more flexibility. We schedule a date and time, then you invite people who are interested in the types of products Scentsy offers:

→ Home Fragrance
→ Home Decor
→ Bath and Body
→ Kids Products (including Disney)
→ Cleaning Products

A few days before your party, I’ll send out a package that has everything you need, including mini-testers and product samples to share with your guests, because giving people the opportunity to experience a variety of Scentsy products and fragrances is the best way to grab people’s attention.

You’ll also receive a pre-paid return label to send back the mini-testers once the party’s over – the rest of the samples (which will be clearly labelled) are yours to keep!

Your event will run for seven (7) days. During that time guests can shop 24/7 from your Scentsy Party Page, or they can complete an order form and return it to you. It all culminates in a Facebook live where you and I can chat about Scentsy, I’ll answer questions, and we can take a tour of my home so everyone can see Scentsy in real life (the warmers are always prettier in person).

After the Facebook Live we’ll collect orders for another 24 hours or so, then I’ll enter any manual orders into the system. Once the party total reaches $200, you earn free shipping to one address, as well as free and half-priced products

Be sure to read How to Host a Successful Scentsy Party for tips on the best ways to earn those host rewards!

Your order will be entered last so you can choose your host rewards, or you can convert some of those rewards into a starter kit and become your own consultant, earning a commission on products you already love. Either way I’ll get you the best deals so you can maximize your savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a host?

A Host connects their Scentsy Consultant with interested parties so they can shop for Scentsy products.

What are the benefits of being a host?

As a host, you can earn rewards if the total product sales from your party exceeds $200. It’s a great way to get Scentsy products for half-price or FREE with earned product credits.

Do I have to use all of my rewards at once?

All host Rewards must be redeemed before the party officially closes and can’t be carried over.

What can I get with my host rewards?

Almost anything in the current catalog!

Only a few exclusions apply:

→ Charitable cause products
→ Licensed products, and
→ Bundle & Save offers

And in most cases, two (2) half-price credits can be redeemed to save 50% on products $85 and above.

What’s the best way to invite people to my Facebook Event?

Pick 20-30 people you feel would have a sincere interest in the types of products Scentsy sells then reach out to them personally with your invitation.

While it’s tempting to mass email or PM everyone you know, that’s very impersonal and most people will either assume  they won’t be missed, or they’ll feel like an afterthought.

After that it’s up to you, speak face to face, send an email or PM, or drop an invitation in the mail!

What if my party doesn’t qualify to earn host rewards?

Selecting the right party guests and getting them excited is key to the success of your party.

Following up with people who’ve expressed an interest in the party but haven’t placed an order can also help you meet the requirement. Don’t be pushy, just let them know when the party’s ending and maybe point out a few products you think they’d like.

If your party sales don’t hit the minimum amount required, you won’t earn Host Rewards. But most Scentsy party sales are around $300 – well within the Host Rewards zone.

What if I’m so excited about Scentsy I decide to become a consultant?

Talk to me about our new Earn a Kit program!

You can use your Host Rewards to get a free or discounted Host Starter Kit! It’s an easy way to kick off your new business.

If your question hasn’t been answered, please contact me.

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