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Selecting a Scentsy Sponsor isn’t a decision to be taken lightly…

Once you’ve chosen a Sponsor, you’re in it for the long-haul baby! There’s no jumping ship, so be sure you have the same goals in mind or things could get messy.

Here’s the truth, just because you were introduced to Scentsy by a friend, family member or consultant you met at a party, doesn’t mean that individual is the best Sponsor for you. If Scentsy is a hobby for you that’s one thing, but for most of us, Scentsy is a business we want to build in order to gain financial freedom for ourselves and our families. Join Page Icon - Sponsor - Silhouette of woman with hair blown back Join Page Icon - Inspired - Silhouette of woman with arms out

This means you need a sponsor who inspires you, someone you click with, but also someone who can teach you the most effective ways to market yourself and the products you sell. Look for a Sponsor with ambition, a leader whose example you can follow – because their ambition will help you, too.

You want a mentor who won’t leave you floundering to figure things out on your own.

If you want to join my team here’s what you should know: I prefer internet marketing because walking up to strangers and trying to work Scentsy into a conversation terrifies me, and giving a packet to everyone who hands me a receipt is not my idea of a good time.

Those are cold markets – freezing! While you may get a customer or two out of the deal, chances are that packet is going into the trash along with the hard earned money you spent making it. In either situation you’re extremely lucky if you find the hidden gem who is a) interested in what you have to offer, and b) doesn’t already have a friend or family member who is a consultant. Join Page Icon - Internet - Woman sitting at desk with laptop - Favicon

I have found that it’s better to reach out in other ways, and the internet is perfect because social media and Google ads level the playing field and make the odds far more favorable.

As your mentor I can teach you how to attract people who are interested in Scentsy, market to them without being sales-y, and convert them into buyers.

If you are seriously considering the Scentsy opportunity, I would be happy to have you on my team. Click here or email me so we can talk about your future: [email protected]

Below is more information, plus some of the potential benefits of joining the Scentsy family: Join Page Snippet - Why Scentsy Join Page Video Icon - Our Products
Safe, Beautiful & Designed to Last Join Page Video Icon - Our Values
We Give More than We Take Join Page Video Icon - Our Story
Family, Friendship & a Deep Sense of Purpose Join Page Snippet - Your Business, Your Way Join Page Snippet - Training Join Page Icon - Party on Location Join Page Icon - Online Parties Join Page Icon - Lead a Team Join Page Snippet - Why You'll Love It Join Page Icon - Income & Bonuses Join Page Icon - Incentives & Rewards Join Page Icon - Friendship & Fun

What Does the Average Consultant Earn?

Scentsy Compensation Plan

Income Disclosure Statement

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When you join Scentsy and become a Consultant, you receive a FREE 3-month subscription to your own personal website (PWS). At the end of that three month period, it’s $10/month. Your subscription can be switched on or off with the click of a mouse. Join Page Icon - Social Media - Tree with colorful social media icons

Share your business on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube. Choose one to two platforms so you don’t get overwhelmed, and really focus on building your audience.

You can even integrate a shop onto your Facebook business page to showcase the products we sell. Join Page Icon - Local Events - Woman in Straw Hatt

Book a spot at your local craft fair or farmer’s market and introduce people to our products in person.

There are a variety of local events to choose from, including fundraising events, school summer fairs, and Christmas bazaars. It’s a great way to create a local customer base and get connected to your community. Join Page Icon - Parties - Woman with legs crossed sitting next to tea set

Parties are evolving all the time. From the classic home party, to basket parties, Facebook parties – even texting parties – there is a style to match any customer and consultant. Join Page Icon - Scentsy Join Kit - Testers, Scentsy Bars, Washer Whiffs, Scentsy Buddy Clip, Laundry Liquid, Bathroom Cleaner, Car Bar, Room Spray, Catalot Join Page Icon - Scentsy Rejoin kit / Reinstatement Kit - Testers, Scentsy Wax Bar, Pinhole Paisley Warmer

Frequently Asked Questions

what does it mean to be an independent scentsy consultant?

As a Scentsy Independent Consultant, you are an independent business owner authorized to sell Scentsy products for a commission. You have the freedom to control when and where you work your business, and can increase your commission by selling more product or earning residual income from friends and family you’ve recruited to join your team.

how do I join?
Just go to or your preferred Sponsor’s Personal Website (PWS): Mine is Click on “Join My Team” at the top of the home page then follow the enrollment steps. Please note you will need a debit or credit card to pay for your Starter Kit.
how much does it cost to become a Scentsy consultant?
You only need to pay the current price of the Starter Kit (+ local tax and shipping) to join Scentsy, and you’ll get a Starter Kit full of valuable business tools and product samples.
what does the starter kit include?
The Starter Kit includes everything you need to start your Scentsy business: a best-selling Warmer, more than 80 scented wax testers, catalogs, order forms, three months of your own PWS, product samples and more. (Contents may vary.)
what are the requirements for joining?
You must be the legal age or age of majority in your state of residence at the time of enrollment. You must be a legal resident of the country where you want to enroll and have a valid Personal Identification Number (like a Social Security number or Employee Identification Number). You must also accept the Independent Consultant Agreement (ICA) and purchase the Starter Kit.
how does scentsy calculate commissions?
Consultants earn 20 percent on the first 1,000 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and 25 percent on PRV after that, plus up to a 9 percent bonus on Personal Wholesale Volume based on rank and a 5 percent bonus when sales exceed 2,000 points in PRV in any given month. In addition to the commission you earn on your sales, you can earn multiple bonuses based on your team performance.
what is prv?
Personal Retail Volume is the point value of commissionable products you sell. PRV is a global point system convertible to local currency using a price/earnings to growth ratio (PEG rate).
what are the monthly sales requirements for scentsy consultants?
Scentsy Consultants must generate sales resulting in 200 points or more in PRV in at least one month within any contiguous three-month period. The 200 points in PRV can come from individual customer orders, party orders or online orders made through your Personal Website (PWS).
do i need to place my orders with a debit or credit card?
All payments from Consultants to Scentsy must be made via credit card or debit card; however, you may accept payment from customers in whatever form you choose. Scentsy does not accept cash, money orders or checks. If a customer pays with a check, it must be made out to the Consultant.
do i have to sponsor other consultants?
No. However, Consultants who sponsor new team members are more successful: They earn more PRV and are about 60 percent more likely to stay with Scentsy long term!
what if I have questions or need help?
We always recommend starting with your Sponsor or your team. They’re a valuable resource. The home office provides numerous training opportunities and online tools. Consultant Support is also available Monday through Friday to help you with anything you might need. All of us at Scentsy will be with you every step of the way.
how can i earn incentive trips?
All current Consultants worldwide are eligible to earn incentive trips by meeting specific activity requirements. Ready for your next adventure? You can learn more about the requirements to earn the current incentive trip here.